About Me and Why I Garden

A garden is an important space; to my mind it’s as important as any space within the home.  On a dreary day it is enlivening to be able to look out from a window onto a garden bursting with life, form and colour; on a fine day there is nothing better than to be immersed within it.

Plants, gardening, and gardens are my greatest passions and I pass this on to you in the enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional service that I offer.  Furthermore, to be a gardener is to be constantly learning, to be engaging not just with the physical act of cultivation, planting, and care but also developing a knowledge of botanical science which furthers the understanding of how we garden and the environment in which we garden.

To this end I am RHS qualified, have undertaken a specialist course in fruit pruning, and in 2016 will be studying the advance Art and Craft of Gardening course at Great Dixter; add to this a horticultural library that grows year on year.