Sussex Country Garden Planting Design

Sussex Country Garden Planting Design Year 2

The planting design service that I offer is for existing spaces, whether this means stripping everything out and starting with a clean slate or working with existing planting to create more interest and better balance.



South Facing Courtyard Planting Design, Kent, Year 1

South Facing Courtyard Planting Design, Kent, Year 1

Often it’s not the material structure of an outside space that needs changing but rather the planting within that space.  It’s not unusual, for example, to inherit a garden that isn’t to one’s liking when moving into a new house, and this is precisely where a fresh approach and new planting scheme can make all the difference, and at a fraction of the cost of hard-landscaping.


The design process is one of collaboration; it is, afterall, your garden and not mine, therefore I don’t try to dictate what your garden should contain but rather I help to guide you through the options and explain how plants grow and respond in certain environments and in relation to one another.  I like to get to know each client and to ascertain their likes and dislikes as I believe that this ultimately produces the best result.


Speldhurst Long Border Planting Design

Speldhurst Long Border Planting Design, Year 1

I will provide you with a scale drawing of the finished plan but will also show you my workings as I go; photographs of plants and styles are put together using Pinterest on your own ‘board’ which means it’s easy for you to sit and look through the ideas and get a feel for the plant options.  You will also be given a complete plant list and flower chart which shows exactly what your garden will contain and what you can expect to be in flower at different times of the year.