Border Care – A Service for Every Season

How does your garden grow? If it looks like a jungle, if you’re short of time, or if you’d just like some professional help and guidance then let me get your borders into shape with my full border care service.

Alternatively, you may opt for a one-to-one review session in which we look at all aspects of your borders, from the positioning of plants, plant care, plant identificaton, and plant ideas for your garden.


Border Care Rose Pruning

Whether it be roses, shrubs, climbers, or fruit bushes and trees, I offer a full professional pruning service.

Timing and aftercare are key to successful pruning.  If you are at all in doubt I can offer a consultation service to give you the confidence to go forward, or I can undertake the work myself and relieve you of any pruning related anxiety! Please contact me for a quote.


I offer a full planting service for trees, hedging, shrubs, or herbaceous perennials. If you require tree, hedge, or rose planting then please be aware that bare-root planting is best done in the early winter as soon as the stock becomes available.

Planting of pot grown specimens can in theory be undertaken at any time of year, though spring and autumn or optimal as the plant is under less stress and is therefore more likely to survive.